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History, Definition & Mission

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Cultura pronounced, (kul-tú-ra): n., is the Latin derivation of the word culture: Culture as a noun is defined as "people with shared beliefs and practices." Culture as a verb is defined as "to nurture someone." When you put those definitions together – Cultura defines our commitment to nurture your skin taking into account the uniqueness of your ethnicity and culture. At Cultura, we pride ourselves to provide cosmetic dermatology expertise at our Washington, DC center with sensitivity for the unique aesthetic skin care needs for people of all ethnicities, skin color and culture.


Cultura Dermatology & Laser Center is a 12-year-old organization, co-founded by globally renowned dermatologist Dr. Eliot F. Battle, Jr. Dr. Battle is frequently sought out as a lecturer in the field of cosmetic laser therapy. He and Cultura are regularly featured in the national and international media.

Cultura is respected as one of the nation's leading cosmetic dermatology and laser centers with top level expertise and experience in providing cosmetic dermatology procedures, laser treatments and medical-spa therapies to all patients who walk through their doors.

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At Cultura, we are committed to provide superior expertise to improve and enhance your skin and beauty. We celebrate differences and approach everyone as unique individuals.

Our concept is to provide expert skin care and aesthetics in a pampering and respectful environment to make our patients feel at ease, comfortable and confident. At Cultura, we take as much pride in how we treat your skin as we do with how well we treat and respect you as our patient.

At Cultura, we do not compete... We TEACH. Cultura establishes a benchmark of excellence for aesthetic skin care education. At Cultura, we strive to improve the efficacy and safety of cosmetic therapy and skin care for people of all colors.

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