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Mole Removal

A mole, also known as a "nevus," is a very common occurrence on the human body. Sometimes referred to as beauty marks, these darker pigmented spots often show up on the face. Most moles are small and symmetrically shaped and offer no reason for concern. They are harmless and can be removed easily without any recovery or marks. If your concern is cosmetic, the skin specialists at Cultura offer simple mole removal treatments in Washington, DC. Hundreds of these types of moles can be removed in a 30-minute appointment.

However, moles can sometimes develop into cancer. Cancerous moles need medical and surgical treatments following diagnosis. The most concerning of these harmful moles are the ones that are called melanoma. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. The development of melanoma is the primary reason why it is so important for patients to have a general dermatologist check any facial or body moles that have recently appeared on the skin as well as any moles that have changed in size, shape, or color.

Cultura is a cosmetic dermatology practice and refers patients to an outside general dermatologist if they have a suspicious mole that requires a biopsy. Since melanoma has approximately a 95 percent cure rate when detected early, we recommend regular skin self-examination to identify suspicious changes in moles, skin growths, skin tags and warts. The entire body should be checked from head to toe including the scalp, feet, and even between the toes. When an unusual mole has been detected, a general dermatologist should remove it quickly and efficiently.

The key to avoiding the possibility of skin cancer development is sun protection. According to The National Cancer Institute, sun protection with appropriate clothing and sunscreen is the best way to avoid mole development. Patients are advised against the use of tanning beds and going outdoors without proper sun protection such as sun block or long-sleeved clothing, as this can increase a patient's risk for experiencing skin cancer in the future.

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