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Skin Rejuvenation

Numerous patients visit Dr. Battle and the expert staff at Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center for skin rejuvenation treatments in Washington, DC. This is becasue as patients age, they tend to notice changes in their skin which may include fine lines, wrinkles and a blotchy and dull appearance. Other conditions, which may arise over time, include enlarged pores, acne scars, and uneven complexion and skin tone. Patients want their skin to be radiant, smooth and to “GLOW.”

At Cultura, we call skin rejuvenation the "Cultura Glow," which is accomplished by combining our Complexion Blending™ treatments with our Texture Rejuvenation™ treatments. With this integrated approach, patients can now experience glowing skin from skin rejuvenation treatments by combining laser procedures with medical spa treatments and at-home skin care products.

Skin rejuvenation happens over time. It is an evolving process that needs to be consistently addressed for the best results. It is important for patients to schedule an initial consultation and examination with Dr. Battle or one of his highly trained skin care practitioners to determine the skin problems at hand. This helps develop a treatment strategy that is best suited to the patient's skin tone, color, texture, lifestyle, and expectations. A combination of several treatments may be scheduled over time to achieve best results, determined with a dermatologist's assistance. From chemical peels to laser skin brightening, patients may choose to combine multiple treatment methods to achieve faster, more effective results in a shorter time period.

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