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Vein Treatments

Laser Treatments for Facial Veins

Medical lasers are effective for treating facial veins and redness. These treatments are often a one-time treatment, but some do require multiple treatments. Most facial veins disappear instantly, as if the laser practitioner was using an eraser on the veins. At Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center, we offer several laser treatment options in Washington, DC that target spider veins, capillaries, spider angiomas, and tiny thread veins that can appear on the face and body.

Based on our mantra to provide patients the best service, Cultura only treats unwanted veins on the face and no longer treats leg veins.

Spider veins and varicose veins are a common complaint of patients who visit cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Eliot Battle of Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center and we understand that these leg veins can be unsightly and unattractive. But based on our philosophy, that excellence is obtained through repetition, focused dedication and passion, Cultura has made a clinical decision to no longer treat leg veins with lasers or sclerotherapy for we feel that medical vein treatment facilities that focus only on vein treatments (e.g., vein clinics) are a better choice for our patients to receive these treatments.

If you wish to learn more about the treatments available for the reduction and removal of unwanted facial veins, contact Dr. Battle of Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center today to schedule your initial consultation appointment and learn about the various methods available for treating problem skin.

The lasers employed at Cultura to treat veins include:
  • Pulsed Dye
  • Diolite
  • Palomar StarLux
  • Palomar Icon
  • IPL
  • Genesis
  • Pearl
  • LumeOne
Call Cultura Dermatology and Laser Center today to schedule an initial vein consultation appointment. You may also complete the Quick Contact form to your right to request your complimentary consultation.

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