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Brianna S. Clark
10 Month 29 Days ago
Science. Service. Excellent Esthetics.The Best in the Business of Beauty.
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Blue York
1 Year 0 Days ago
Love Cultura- cannot wait to go next week and get my laser done! Such g.reat customer service, and very professional and accommodating with my busy schedule
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Anjie Parker
1 Year 14 Days ago
Dr. Battle is wonderful!! We sat down and discussed what I wanted to get done and he explained everything to me well. I'll be back!!!
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Blue Merilyn Ovonlen
1 Year 1 Days ago
Amazing !! Have been coming for 2 years - I have had Laser Removal, Kybella and help with my Keloids. I've also referred my cousin. I have been helped by Raphaela and Tamara both are amazing and genuine. The staff are kind and accommodating - the office is clean and everybody engages you and remembers you.
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Adriane Fisher
1 Year 2 Days ago
Thank you Tamara!!!! I have been dealing with acne and hyperpigmentation all of my life until June 2016. Come to find out my little fuzzy hair on my face was the cause of my breakouts. After 7 treatments every 4 to 6 weeks my face is so clear. I don't even need makeup to cover up blemishes from acne. Thank you!!!!
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Aisha Garcia
1 Year 4 Days ago
I've been dealing with acne and blemishes since I was 9 years old. After a while I just accepted it, figured I'm always gonna have acne and the scars. Then I met Monica, she asked if she could tell me something without offending me. When you start like that, there's a good chance I'm gonna get offended. She told me how she had bad acne worst then mines. I'm looking at her clear flawless skin and was like girl bye. So she showed me before pictures and I was shocked. She told me she went to Cultura in Chevy Chase. She told me it was going to be pricey but worth it. She was � percent right. I went met with Dr. Battle and his amazing staff. I use to she Ms Tamara on a regular basis, but life happens and I fell off track. I'm back so let's get this clear skin.
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Augunetta Farr
1 Year 2 Days ago
Great for complexion blending!! Excellent place for people of color..
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Maria Harper
1 Year 21 Days ago
Sonya is the best. She's extremely knowledgeable. I can't wait to go back next month for my facial and another chemical peel.
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Kimmie Kim
1 Year 2 Days ago
I've been going to Cultura off and on for several years. I have tried other dermatologist (closer for convenience reasons) but they have not hit the mark. I'm coming back Cultura! I wish you guys had more than one location! :-)
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Caya Lewis
1 Year 13 Days ago
I've had a great experience at Cultura. Dr. Battle conducted a thorough initial appointment. I see Tamara for my treatment and she has always been competent, friendly and patient. All of the staff is professional and the the office is comfortable. I highly recommend Cultura!
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Muriel Jean Browder
1 Year 24 Days ago
From the front desk to the nurses to Dr. Battle - PERFECTION! The most knowledgeable, professional, and personable doctor's office I have ever been to!
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Theresa Kramer
1 Year 15 Days ago
Dr. Battle & his entourage are like family I have no complaints just sheer joy! They are wonderful! Go today you won't be disappointed. Nibeia for facials, Agnes for more intense stuff like Botox or fillers. Treat yourself today! Ms Kramer
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Yarkia Wynn
1 Year 29 Days ago
I could not believe how clean and nice the staff was. The service was amazing quick, and professional. Made me comfortable did not wait long. Dr. Elliot and the staff gave me hope! I like the fact he says how Blessed he his. Love his powerful attitude! Definitely worth it For I am a Woman of color!!!
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Paul Logan
1 Year 18 Days ago
As always, the experience was extraordinarily splendid in every way. Cudos and bravi to Dr. Battle and his most competent staff!
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Khadish O. Franklin
1 Year 28 Days ago
Cultura is BY FAR one of most incredible and effective skin care practices I have ever visited. Each of my experiences from walking in the door to receiving my treatment has been courteous, professional and most of all been wonderful for my skin. I travel a lot for work and have a terribly busy schedule the staff has always been very willing to work with me and the competing demands of my work. My skin's quality has improved 100 fold since coming to Tamara for treatments and utilizing the custom blend of products she recommends for my skin care. People often comment on how good my skin looks, which is absolutely a testament to their work. African Americans often struggle finding a dermatology practice that fully appreciates the challenges we face with our skin and I am so thankful for the knowledgeable staff at Cultura that has helped me to achieve the results I had long sought. If you are looking for a high quality dermatology and laser center, visit Cultura today!!!
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Najima Bawa
2 Year 18 Days ago
Months ago I had an unfortunate terrible customer service experience while trying to pick up the recommended products after my free consultation. After making one of the manager aware of what took place . They sent the products free to me!! I was beyond grateful and I'm here to report that I absolutely love their products. I've seen noticeable difference in my skin and excited to continue my journey to clear skin with Cultura
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Denita Wallace
3 Year 6 Days ago
I love Cultura! It's only been a week and my skin looks so much better already!
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Winsysky Shorosky
3 Year 17 Days ago
Muy importante me gusta
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Kandi Quanta
3 Year 1 Days ago
I was here on today and I must say Dr. Battle and Tamara were phenomenal. Continue to keep God first and your business will continue to manifest!!! Blessings!
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Esther Prassas
3 Year 5 Days ago
I love love LOVE Nyvia! She is the best esthetician in the area. She truly is a miracle worker. After facials, my lines are less visible and my skin glows! I can't say enough about Cultura!
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