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  1. SkinCeuticals® Serum 10 AOX+

    A daytime introductory vitamin C serum for sensitive skin that offers environmental protection and improves the appearance of aging.
  2. Obagi® Professional-C™ Serum 20%

    Fights free radical damage for smooth, healthy skin.
  3. iS Clinical Super Serum Advance+ - 30mL

    Anti-Aging, Super Antioxidant, and Brightening.
  4. iS Clinical Pro-Heal™ Serum Advance+ 30mL

    Healing, Super Antioxidant, and Reparative.
  5. iS Clinical Hydra-Cool™ Serum - 30 mL

    Hydrating, Soothing, and Anti-Acneic.
  6. iS Clinical Active Serum - 30ml

    Anti-Aging, Anti-Acneic, and Brightening.
  7. Cultura Vitamin C Complexion Blending Serum

    To rejuvenate the skin, fight free radicals and provide maximum protection against environmental and UV induced skin damage.
  8. Cultura Acne Control Serum

    Fights acne causing bacteria, leaving skin smooth, youthful and blemish-free.
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8 Item(s)