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Patient Reviews

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Aisha Garcia
1 Year 7 Days
I've been dealing with acne and blemishes since I was 9 years old. After a while I just accepted it,... read more >
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Blue York
1 Year 3 Days
Love Cultura- cannot wait to go next week and get my laser done! Such g.reat customer service, and v... read more >
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Adriane Fisher
1 Year 5 Days
Thank you Tamara!!!! I have been dealing with acne and hyperpigmentation all of my life until June 2... read more >
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Augunetta Farr
1 Year 5 Days
Great for complexion blending!! Excellent place for people of color..... read more >
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Najima Bawa
2 Year 21 Days
Months ago I had an unfortunate terrible customer service experience while trying to pick up the rec... read more >
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Welcome to Cultura Dermatology & Plastic Surgery

At Cultura, we are honored that our 15-year reputation has us respected as one of the top cosmetic dermatology, laser and plastic surgery practices in the nation.

We celebrate differences and approach everyone as unique individuals and take pride in our unparalleled expertise. Cultura leads the way in genomic testing that guides us in choosing the right products, medications and procedures specifically for your skin.

We know that excellence is best acquired through knowledge, dedicated focus, passion and repetition. At Cultura Dermatology and Plastic Surgery center we focus on these major treatment categories:

  • Complexion Blending - Improves complexion and evens skin tones on the face and body by removing dark spots, moles, blemishes, sun damage, veins and melasma.
  • Texture Rejuvenation - Improves facial and body skin texture by reducing pores and acne scars. Improves facial and body scars including stretch marks, cellulite & surgical scars.
  • Permanent HairFree Laser Hair Removal - Removes unwanted hair from all body areas.
  • Cultura Anti-Aging and NeckLift - Non-invasive facial treatments that can combine BOTOX®, Dysport®, Juvéderm, Restylane®, RADIESSE®, JUVÉDERM Voluma® XC, Volbella® and Kybella® with skin tightening and skin rejuvenation lasers.
  • AcneFree - Effective acne treatments that combine products and lasers to treat facial and body acne and reduce acne scars.
  • Body Contouring by Cultura - We have the most effective body contouring devices (e.g. CoolSculpting, Ultrashape, BodyFX) that can reduce your stubborn areas without surgery. We also offer liposuction and surgical options.
  • Plastic Surgery - From head to toe we will assist you with your concerns and enhancements.
  • Cultura Medical Spa - Medical strength spa treatments (facials, peels and microdermabrasion) to help attain your skin care and beauty goals.

Dermatologist Dr. Eliot Battle is the co-founder and medical director at Cultura Dermatology and is proud to introduce the new division, Cultura Plastic Surgery, with board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kelly Bolden, as its medical director. She brings to Cultura, the same high level of passion and commitment to excellence as Dr. Battle has demonstrated for the past 16 years. Leading media outlets including Oprah, CNN, Dr. Oz and Time Magazine have recognized his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Battle's Harvard University research on the effects of lasers on various skin tones is often cited for its groundbreaking effect on today's laser treatments worldwide. Dr. Battle states, “I am proud of Cultura’s 16-year journey to date and we are absolutely honored to have someone of Dr. Bolden’s caliber and brilliance to join our team.”

We are passionate about our work and committed to our mission. We are humbled by our success and work hard every day with each patient to ensure their best results. Please accept our personal invitation to visit Cultura.

Thank you for your interest in Cultura.

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